Scientology dropout Jeffrey Augustine says in the farewell words of the “Grease” star to see evidence of an impending break with the sect. The reason: Scientology speaks openly against forms of Western medicine, such as cancer therapies in the form of chemotherapy or radiation therapies. The fact that Travolta officially thanks the doctors and nurses is, according to Augustine, an indication of a possible departure from Travolta and his family from the sect.

“It shows that they have distanced themselves from Scientology,” he told the British paper Daily Mail.

Another belief of the sect is that everyone is constantly being reborn. It is actually not common for Scientology to mourn. “They believe that there is something to celebrate, the dead have disappeared to get a new body. The idea of ​​death is very different from ours,” explains Sam Domingo, who has also already got out.

Could Lisa Marie Presley get him out?

This Scientology philosophy does not seem to help Travolta over his pain. The actor has had to cope with numerous bad strokes of fate in the past. In 1977 his first great love Diana Hyland died of breast cancer at the age of 41. A year later, Travolta’s mother Helen died of cancer. In 2009, Travolta and Preston’s eldest son Jett died in the Bahamas at the age of only 16 due to a seizure.

According to Scientology blogger Tony Ortega, given the many tragic events in the actor’s life, insiders have long wondered when Travolta would finally question his connection to Scientology. According to Ortega, there is one person in front of everyone who could influence the actor. And that is Lisa Marie Presley.

Several former Scientologists who are close to Presley confirm that the two have a special relationship. Preston is also said to have been friends with Presley.