Does Herbert Kickl fit in Jörg Haider’s big footsteps? – Blog: Polit-Profiling

June 7, 2021 was a special day for Herbert Kickl. On this date, at least formally in the figurative sense, he advanced from a former apprentice to a master. Noticeable for the bully and agent provocateur of the FPÖ in his speech at a press conference was, in addition to the classic swipes at political opponents, the conscious focus on positive and conciliatory words and on his development at the side of Jörg Haider. After the party’s split into the old Freedom Party of Austria and the Alliance Future Austria – BZÖ for short – he was the godfather for the new man at the head of the third camp. It is therefore all the more surprising that the current club chairman and former interior minister emphasized his parallels in political life and the related cooperation or, better said, subcontracting for the deceased Carinthian governor. Will Kickl try to follow in the big footsteps of the doctor of law? A good reason to undertake a psychodiagnostic analysis of the profiles of the two representatives of the free-minded community.

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