Are liberal doctors not vaccinated against Covid-19 subject to a “denunciation” to their patients by an official health authority? Several Internet users affirm this by relaying the photo of a letter dated November 9, 2021, which they attribute to a Regional Health Agency (ARS) – while it bears the letterhead of Health Insurance.

“The ARS send [ce courrier] to patients. They destroy the activities of a practitioner [non vacciné] by referring patients to other professionals on the grounds of non-reimbursement for consultation and treatment. And by the way, goodbye to medical confidentiality for this doctor, ”says one of the Facebook publications concerned.

In this document entitled “Information concerning your practitioner” – and whose personal data has been anonymized on the photo -, we can read: “During the period from 01/11/2021 to 07/11/2021, you were required to consult with the health professional […]. Your practitioner has been informed that as of [15/11/2021] he was no longer authorized to exercise his liberal activity. “

“Under these conditions, at the end of a period of 30 days from the date of suspension thereof, the consultations, care and prescriptions that he performs are no longer reimbursable by the Health Insurance. We invite you to get closer to another practitioner in order to ensure the continuity of your care ”, concludes this text.


Joined by 20 Minutes, Health Insurance recalls that “since October 15, 2021, liberal practitioners, like all caregivers, must present a complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19 if they want to continue to practice, under the law relating to health crisis adopted this summer. “

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As the Health Insurance explains, the control of the vaccination obligation then takes place in several stages. The first consists of a “notification of the ARS of the prohibition to exercise ».

Then, “in the event of continued activity”, the Health Insurance indeed alerts “the patients as well as the ARS”. The doctors refusing the injection are however few in number, “96.7% of active liberal health professionals [étant] vaccinated ”against the virus.

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