Doctors from the El Bosque Clinic protest indefinitely | THE UNIVERSAL

The general practitioners of the El Bosque de Cartagena clinic yesterday released a statement addressed to the administrative office of the medical center, in which they declared themselves in permanent assembly as a means of protesting the “violation of their rights as workers.” Read here: What is the reformulation of public policy for women in Cartagena about?

“Failure to pay fees, employment contracts without payment terms and labor harassment behavior by the administrative management of the clinic, were the three determining factors that led us to suspend work,” said a general practitioner from the clinic. Forest Clinic.

In addition, the staff assured that as long as Indira Tatis continues to be the administrator of the clinic, they will not suspend the assembly. Also read: They unload, sell and leave garbage in front of the school of more than 100 children

The doctors expect a prompt response from the entities to which they turned: Administrative Department of District Health of Cartagena, Ombudsman and District Attorney, Ministry of Health and Social Protection and Ministry of Labor.

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