Doctors ask for legal guarantees in Telemedicine

While the Covid-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for Telemedicine, doctors warn about the dangers that this remote modality can pose for patients. Depending on the digital platform where it is developed, online Medicine can bring not only misleading advertisingbut true danger to the health of patients if they do not comply with sufficient legal and ethical guarantees.

Telemedicine services that do not have the necessary guarantees constitute a “trivialization of healthcare“, alert from the General Confederation of Official Medical Associations (Cgcom). Therefore, the spatient safety will be compromised if they do not certify, among other minimum requirements, such as the authorization of the doctor and that the medical history Identify the person responsible for the care process.

The advertising of these services, they indicate, must also be subject to a control and monitoring by the health authorities, in order to ensure “compliance with the requirements and safeguard the health of citizens.”

Qualified physicians responsible “for the consequences”

In this sense, the body requires that a “proper and appropriate use”, depending on the situation, remote medical care. The company that offers these services, the professionals who intervene in the provision of the same, must comply, therefore, with the legal and deontological obligations that are inherent to them.

In this way, the company must have a list of doctors responsible and in charge of attending the services offered and patients must be cared for by registered doctors who are registered and explicitly identified in each act, what should be recorded in the medical history. They will be “the holders of the legal and deontological consequences that occur as a result of their acts“and those in charge of carrying out the Electronic signature of each recipe. They also ask that the health authority be the one to carry out precise periodic monitoring of the activity carried out and compliance with health regulations.

From the confederation they remember that the fundamental objective of all medical activity is the benefit of the patient and the interest of this must be above any other, including the personal interest of the doctor. Another aspect that should be clear, in his opinion, is that “in every medical act, the doctor’s criteria will always be the one that determines the situation and decide the appropriate answer, without the doctor being able to be supplanted in any case “.

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