Doctor Margherita Fornaciari, director of the Cremona Forensic Medicine, has died

Dr. Margherita Fornaciari, director of the complex structure of forensic medicine, risk management and quality of the Cremona hospital, died at the age of 61 after a short illness. In the past he worked for 10 years at the Civil Hospital of Brescia as a doctor in forensic medicine. He has been working at Cremona Hospital since 1998. In his long career, he worked as a necroscopist, coordinator of the company group for the correct use of the Medical Record and Risk Manager. He has always provided legal advice in the various departments of the Company and for the Cremona Public Prosecutor’s office, and was responsible (and member) of the Local Medical Commissions for the assessment of civil incapacity and driving licences.

Furthermore, since moving to Cremona, she became a technical consultant for the prosecutors of Cremona, Brescia and Bergamo. She also worked for many years on the hospital ethics committee.

“Margherita Fornaciari was an able, tireless, determined professional” recalls her chief director of Cremona Asst, Giuseppe Rossi. “Her analytical and critical skills have enabled her to face the most complicated situations with firmness over time and to find adequate solutions, even for decidedly difficult problems. In fact, until a few days ago – and this leaves one in disbelief – she was a founding part of the Forensic Medicine Operational Unit which she directed since 2007. We will cherish the memory of her as a doctor and a woman with a determined, frilly attitude and with clear ideas about the role played within Cremona’s ASST. He knew how to make his great knowledge always available to his colleagues with authority. We will miss him for this.”

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