He was filmed in 2016, giving doping advice to cyclists. Monday, the first day of his trial, Bernard Sainz, alias “Doctor Mabuse”, just admitted to providing “recommendations” to “patients”.

Dr Mabuse concedes “recommendations”

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“I’m retired. I no longer want patients … but I cannot avoid the request of relatives “, explains the” naturopath “of 78 years, tried for” illegal practice of medicine in a state of legal recidivism “,” illegal practice of the profession of pharmacist ”and“ assistance and encouragement to the use of a substance or method prohibited by athletes within the framework of a sporting event in a state of legal recidivism ”.

Before addressing the issue of doping, the Paris Criminal Court looked into suspicions of the illegal practice of medicine. The defendant defended himself energetically. At most, he admits providing “recommendations” to his “patients” and sometimes selling them, for 100 euros, mysterious vials whose composition he hides. “I never make a diagnosis,” he says.

Among his “recommendations”, there is often fasting but also in the case of a patient suffering from cancer to stop, “two or three days”, he says, her chemotherapy. The president lists other “recommendations” made by the defendant: stop taking anticoagulants or antibiotics …

“Why not advise people who call you to contact their doctor?” Asks the president. “If they call me, it’s because they don’t want to see their doctor,” Sainz replies without getting upset.

The trial comes five years after the broadcast of the Cash Investigation program on France Television and of an investigation by Le Monde, in June 2016, showing Bernard Sainz giving, with a hidden camera, doping protocols to cyclists. He has always refuted this interpretation.

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