Doctor Guerrero, on doping of Erick Rivera: “It was a mistake after a tattoo that was made”

Dr. Heriberto Guerrero revealed in the Güiri Güiri al Aire details about the doping case of the Salvadoran soccer player Erick Rivera and that he is suspended indefinitely by FIFA.

The substance Rivera tested positive for was Clostebol, which is used to heal skin conditions or burns, and is on the International Doping Agency list as a synthetic androgenic steroid with anabolic effects.

Guerrero is a sports medicine specialist, was a member of the National Anti-Doping Commission of El Salvador and was an anti-doping agent for CONCACAF. For several years he was in charge of giving talks on the subject to different delegations of El Salvador prior to competitions of the Olympic cycle.

“The drug with which he tested positive is very common, it is called Clostebol, it is an anabolic steroid that is prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to be used in any type of sports. Here in the country you can find it in healing creams “said the doctor.

Rivera tested positive for an anti-doping test after the match against Canada, a match corresponding to the third date of the octagonal heading to Qatar 2022.

“The Anti-Doping Agency has been strict with this substance, it is not used so much to increase muscle mass, but it is prohibited and as it is a healing product it has been used a lot in Central America and they have used it out of ignorance. Erick’s case goes for that line, “Guerrero added.

Doctor Guerrero recalled that for the game Canada against El Salvador he did not act as a doctor for the national team, but the FESFUT called him to consult him on the case and the processes to be followed.

“Eric Rivera told me how this had happened and unfortunately it was a mistake after a tattoo that had been made and the tattoo artist had recommended a cream, not a doctor,” which is the one that came out positive, “explained the professional.

Regarding the possible punishment from FIFA for the Salvadoran soccer player, Rivera commented that “Erick is exposed to a sanction and FIFA has some lawyers at the service of the athletes and they can appeal their case; he had no record and it is about the sanction being minor, The sanction is four years “

Heriberto Guerrero recalled that according to the World Anti-Doping Code it establishes that the athlete or player is solely responsible for what they use or ingest.

“There are no anti-doping tests at the national level, therefore there is no education in the clubs or the federations themselves to talk about the anti-doping issue and there are many athletes who self-prescribe products that can often lead to these types of problems,” lamented Heriberto.

Guerrero mentioned that the player will not appeal the FIFA sanction but will seek a lesser sanction because it is a case of ignorance.

“We told Erick that it was not worth opening a B sample …, I tell you that these products are useless in football, anabolic steroids are not a product that is used in football to obtain benefits, it does not serve you to win muscle mass as it serves a sprinter of 100 meters worth, “he said.

“FIFA has some lawyers that it makes available to the athletes so that they can see their case or plead guilty, that minimizes the sanction, and because of the antecedents, he has no antecedents, through the lawyers it is tried that the sanction is I understand that the sanction is four years and in Central America the sanctions have been less, 18 months, “he explained.

The case was detected in October but it was known until Monday night after the president of the FESFUT, Hugo Carrillo, confirmed the positive of the national team.

“This is handled confidentially between FIFA and the Federation and it is about the athlete having the opportunity to defend himself until FIFA publishes it or gives a determination on the matter. That is how it is treated,” added the doctor.



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