Dobronravov was replaced in the last season of “Matchmakers”

The famous artist Fedor Dobronravov in the last, seventh season of the series “Matchmakers”, beloved by many viewers, found a replacement.

It turned out that during the filming the director needed an understudy, and they found him. It turned out to be a non-professional actor, and a furniture maker, like two drops of water similar to a popular artist.

In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, he told how it was.

“In the script, my character just had to be at the club and look at the booth with the announcement of the Old Horses movie. Filming was conducted from the back, ”said Sergey Smantser.

Smantser, who played Budko from the knitting needle, met Dobronravov much later, when Shrovetide was celebrated according to the script. And he was impressed.

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