Do your own nails without gel: these options are available |

Do your own nails without gel: these options are available |

If you want to do your own nails without using gel, you have several alternatives. Both UV nail polish and powder nail polish and shellac strengthen your natural nail.

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How to do your own nails without gel

A beautiful manicure requires some practice and patience. But there are many ways that you can conjure up beautiful, long-lasting fingernails yourself – without artificial gel nails.

  • LED-Nagellack: With a LED-Nagellack-Set you can easily apply particularly durable nail polish and cure it with the associated lamp. The manicure stays on the nails for up to three weeks.
  • UV-Nagellack:UV-Nagellack works similar to LED nail polish, but the lamps have a slightly different technology. Here, too, you simply paint the appropriate nail polish and harden it under a UV lamp so that the result does not peel off so quickly.
  • nail powder: Another alternative to gel nails is nail powder. With this method, you first apply a base coat and then dip the fingernail in a powder. Then the manicure is sealed with a top coat. Nail powder should last up to five weeks.
  • Fiberglass nails: If you not only want beautifully manicured nails but also want longer ones, you can use the fiberglass method. Here your natural nail is reinforced with fiberglass fabric. You can also easily do this yourself at home.
  • Stick-on nail tips: Those who prefer long artificial nails without gel can Nail tips to use. This extension is simply glued to your natural nail, filed into shape and then varnished.
  • nail hardener: Thin and brittle nails also benefit from nail hardener. Apply this regularly to strengthen your natural nail without gel or acrylic.
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UV nail polish is an alternative if you want to do your own nails without gel. imago images / Shotshop

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