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Although on sunday may 1 most people do not work, there are those who must do so because their working hours mark it.

If you find yourself in this situation, we have good news for you, since as it is a holiday, your salary will benefit.

In accordance with the Federal Labor Law, They will pay you triple. This is stated in article 75.

“The workers will be obliged to provide the services and they will have the right to be paid, regardless of the salary that corresponds to them for the mandatory rest, a double salary for the service provided”, is explained in the law.

For example, if for an eight-hour workday they pay you 500 pesos a day and you work on Sunday, May 1, they must deposit you on the payroll 1,500.

If you work on holidays and it is not reflected in your payroll, you can contact the Federal Labor Defense Attorney’s Office, either by phone or by email: 01800 911 7877 and 01 800 717 2942 and [email protected]

These are the holidays of May

Mayo is characterized by being a month where there is multiple breaks, especially for students of basic education; We tell you about the bridges and days off that it brings.

  • The first of May International Labor Day is commemorated. In Mexico it is a mandatory day of rest. In 2022 it falls on a Sunday, therefore there will be no suspension of previous activities (April 29 or May 2).
  • May 5th. This day commemorates the Battle of Puebla and according to the Ministry of Public Education (Sep), basic education students will not have classes.
  • May 10, Mother’s day. Traditionally school festivals are held, but depending on each school.
  • 15 th of May, Teacher’s Day. According to Sep, this day will not be a day of rest.
  • Friday May 27. There are no classes in preschool, primary and secondary school due to the end of the month technical council meeting.



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