Do you want to tone your biceps at home? Get it with these simple exercises

Having a stocky body with marked muscles is not complicated. In fact, it is not even necessary to pay a gym fee because it is as simple as doing a series of exercises from home. There are thousands of ways to tone muscles without resorting to traditional machines. Think that your body itself is already a weight, so you can use it to hypertrophy the area you most want.

In the case of biceps, there are hundreds of exercises that you can do from home and with elements that you have at your fingertips, such as a bottle of water, for example. And you can also tone them up with everyday actions such as carrying shopping bags. So if your goal is to prepare yourself for toned arms this summer, you have no excuse.

How to tone the biceps at home?

Take note of the following exercises that you can do from home:

  • Bicep Curls: This exercise is performed using weights with a supine grip, that is, with the palms of the hands facing upwards and bending the arms upwards at the elbows. In this version adapted to the home, what you can do is take the broomstick and add two weights to each end: it can be a bottle of water, a shopping bag… whatever fits your possibilities. You can gradually increase the weight: add things from the kitchen, such as a bottle of oil, a carton of milk… Of course, make sure that the weight is balanced at both ends so as not to force one arm more than the other.
  • Waiter Curl: This exercise consists of holding a single dumbbell with both hands facing upwards. To give you an idea, it is as if you were a waiter (hence the name of the exercise) and you took a tray with both hands, only instead of taking it to a table, what you will do is stick your elbows to the body and flex them towards up slowly to bring the dumbbell up almost to your chin. In this homemade version, you can choose to take a carafe of water, or a tray itself, and add heavy kitchen elements to it that force you to use a lot of force with your biceps.
  • Plank push-up: In this exercise you will use your own weight to tone your biceps. To do this, what you will have to do is place yourself on the floor in a plank position. Next, first put one hand on the ground and then the other, so that your arms are stretched out and you can do a push-up. Finally, you will have to support your forearms again to return to the starting position. If your own weight is not enough, you can always try placing something on your back to increase the weight and make your biceps exert more force when lifting.

These three exercises They are just a small sample of how easy it is to tone your muscles from home and with items as light as a bottle of water. It is not even necessary to go to a gym, it is enough to have a goal and not stop until you achieve it: be it with the shopping bag, with the bottle of oil or with a carton of milk. Any element can become your best ally!

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