Do you want to instill sustainability in your children? Take note of these resources

When we talk about sustainability, we refer to all the actions that make it possible to satisfy current needs without compromising those that future generations will have.; that is to say, take care of the world for those who come after. For children, the most important thing is today, the present, so it can be a somewhat ambiguous concept for them. But it is necessary that they become familiar with it.

Apart from specific activities that can be carried out at home or in natural environments, and being a good example for them in daily decisions, there are resources in different formats so that they understand the true dimension of sustainability.

We Learn Together 2030 Kids Program, from BBVA


We Learn Together 2030 Kids, from BBVA

After the success of its youth version, ‘Aprendemos juntos 2030 Kids’ has just been released, a program that wants children to feel drivers of change towards a greener and more inclusive future. Focused on sustainability, the programs have the objective that the little ones learn how to build a better future to help the planet and the rest of the people.

Two puppets, Beta and Mario, together with the actor Poncho Herrera, approach the challenges of sustainability from an optimistic perspective. The chapters can be seen on YouTube and on the website, and will deal with different topics such as clean energy and biodiversity.

NASA Climate Kids website


NASA Climate Kids website

It is a website (in English), designed for children who are interested in taking care of the planet. It is divided into different sections: from the atmosphere to water, going through energy and plants and animals.

Children can play games, challenges or watch videos. The proposed activities are renewed periodically and depending on the most important dates. For example, for Valentine’s Day card models are offered and for Halloween there were ‘sustainable’ pumpkin models. A fun way to raise awareness… and to practice English.

Story Frieda, from the UN


Story Frieda, from the UN

If your children have heard of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but don’t quite know what they mean, this book is perfect. It has been created by the Information Center of the United Nations (UN) in Namibia.

The protagonist, Frieda, introduces the 17 goals (included in their personality traits) to children as young as three years of age. “Frieda is designed to stimulate children’s imagination and encourage them to contribute to change from an early age,” say its creators. Thus, she is enthusiastic, dynamic, and a very positive role model for the little ones.



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