“Do you like to cover up in the heat?”..I know the scientific explanation for that

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Sunday 31 July 2022

I wrote – Asmaa Morsi

You may find yourself feeling restless and relaxed at night while sleeping, and the only thing that helps is a blanket or a blanket, it seems to have a magical power that puts you to sleep just by placing it on your body.

This can be unusual, especially since you use it on hot nights, and there are several reasons for this, according to Bright Side.

Feeling safe and protected:

Blankets make us feel safe, because the most common fear in childhood was the fear of the dark, when we felt that, we would cover ourselves completely, and that was the magic solution that helps us fight fear and feel protected, and these feelings are with us all the time.

Regulating our body temperature:

The body can regulate the internal temperature, which helps us to stay warm, however when we sleep deeply, our body is unable to control our temperature, so we need outside help, and here comes the role of the blanket that helps us adjust and maintain our body temperature.

An essential part of our bedtime routine:

We are creatures of habits, and this plays a role in our need for blankets, even if it’s not about feeling safe, we use them throughout our lives from birth; So it has turned into a symbol of feeling safe and comfortable, and with the passage of time we can never stop using it even on hot summer nights.

So, when we cover ourselves with blankets when we go to bed, our body receives a signal that it is time to sleep.

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Reducing stress and tension:

Serotonin is one of the chemicals that makes us feel happy, so when we feel stressed and anxious, it becomes difficult to fall asleep, however, once we cover ourselves, the level of this chemical rises and the negative feelings begin to fade.

– deep sleep:

Blankets create a comfortable and calm climate, especially as they help create a barrier in which the temperature does not change much, which leads to warming the body; So we fall asleep faster, get better sleep and are less disturbed.

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