do you gain weight? You are making a major mistake

Weight gain in the middle of the diet? Warning: you are probably making a very common mistake.

The concept of a low calorie diet is basically summed up by creating a real one calorie deficit: we get to take in fewer calories than we consume. This step inevitably leads to the loss of fat, weight and fluid retention. However, consider separately the power supply in the diet, it means following an incorrect reasoning and approach for the pursuit of our goal.

Diet: The Mistake That Leads You To Gain Weight (Pexels)

The two factors – with which any person must deal in the weight loss phase – are basically two: willpower and patience. To perform a proper diet and see results, these two principles are very important. In fact, be wary of websites that claim they can make you lose 10kg in 3 days – we talk about dangerous and most of the time fake diets. To lose weight it will take time, perseverance and dedicationbut above all you must avoid a very common behavioral mistake. Let’s find out which one.

Diet: the mistake that leads you to gain weight

To control the results of the low-calorie diet, the most common behavior obviously lies in theuse of the scale. We recommend that you check your weight early in the morning on an empty stomach, always use the same scale and always weigh yourself at the same time. However, too the relationship with the balance must be lived serenely and – above all – it must follow a certain criterion.

Libra: never weigh yourself every day (Pexels)
Libra: never weigh yourself every day (Pexels)

In fact, the most common mistake can be summarized in the daily weight control: you should never weigh yourself every day, as it is enough to check the results once a week. Weighing yourself every day involves a real dependence on the balance, the results are not true in relation to the diet you are following: if for example one day you drank less, or you ate a pizza – the next day you could weigh up to 2kg more.

View sudden weight gain can be disheartening, leading you to give up the diet. For this reason, be wary of the fluctuations between one day and another, what really matters is the decrease in weight spread over time. Remember that weight is terribly fluid and affected by your behavior of the previous day, for this reason we recommend that you weigh yourself 3/4 times a month. Not more.



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