Do you consider yourself an educated person?  Tell us how you leave the cutlery on the table

Do you consider yourself an educated person? Tell us how you leave the cutlery on the table


Yes ok there is no wrong answer in this personality test, we warn you that sincerity will be a key element to participate in the best way. What does it consist of? You must first look at the image with five ways to leave the cutlery after eating. After that, all you have to do is answer how you leave them and with that you will discover whether or not you are an educated person with good manners or, in the best of cases, discover new aspects of your way of being. This psychological test is based on aesthetic, functional or any other criteria to get an idea of ​​what the behavior of the human being is like as an individual.

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At least, that’s what those who have relied on this test – without any valid scientific argument – ​​say so and have been encouraged to share it through social networks. Take a look at the image of the personality test for a few seconds, look at the 5 figures and choose which way you usually leave the cutlery.

If a few days ago we published ‘Did you see the woman or the tree first? Answer and you will discover how you are’ and ‘The personality test where you will discover what is the greatest fear of your life’, now we show you a very original one that will take you a few seconds to develop. The only recommendation we give you is to be very sincere with your answer, since in the end you will read the meaning of it.


sport Your choice in this personality test will reveal a lot about you.|  Photo: namastest

Your choice in this personality test will reveal a lot about you.| Photo: namastest


  • Plato 1: You are the kind of person who is direct and does not mince words. Once you finish something you go for the next activity; You don’t like to be still all the time and you can sub communicate this with your actions. Also, you don’t usually stay in places that don’t add up to you and tire you out, it also happens with people.
  • Plato 2: You are someone who is never satisfied and always looking to try a little more. You like to live experiences of all kinds and you know how to behave in front of the rest. You learn about cultures and the ways of communicating to increase your relationships with others.
  • Plato 3: You let the other person see how grateful you feel to share with them. You are cordial, kind and very responsive. These gestures make your company well received; They take you as someone trustworthy and with manners.
  • Plato 4: You are someone who always prefers transparency and also does not like things in a double meaning. You tend to be direct and you rarely like unimportant things.
  • Plato 5: Sub communicates that what just happened was not to your complete liking, but you always try to keep a low profile. You usually change your state of mind when the moment warrants it, and many times you are taken as someone very nice.
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What did you think of this personality test? Did you find it interesting? Like this test there are many, which will help you have a different vision of yourself. In fact, we invite you to keep trying by visiting the following link: more personality test in Depor.


sport Picture personality test

Five images that according to your interpretation will reveal your personality traits.



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