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Do you accept me and not Asip art .. Rami Jamal announces his vitiligo and ask his audience?

The artist Rami Jamal announced his vitiligo, through his official Twitter account.

Rami said: "Praise be to God, who loved me in my affliction and I appreciate the patience of the period appeared white spots in my body and revealed that I knew that vitiligo and tried a lot of treatment and many doctors and many Mvish Faida accepted and handed my command God because I knew that Zaal Bzodh and the difficulty of occupation and difficulty and permanent concern of the future."

He continued: "And actually remained Beyzid to the point of attracting the attention of many people who remained tell me how to deal with you and you are an artist who is afraid to deliver and who is asking me this is contagious, I am actually a year old if I have a concert or filmed tired of what I see the way I hide it to the degree of people tell me to see business again Because people do not Htqblk Keda I thought of their words frankly and I found that I have two solutions Ya actually thank you so much to the work de despite my love for her and not knowing others.

He concluded by saying: "Oh, I do not Haddarh Tani and accept him and welcome all who our Lord plagued him from the look that they formed strange strange praise be to God for the blessing of the parents because they are the only one who accept the same as the length of you, but I said I share with you in the life of an artist."


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