Do they grant you the aid of 200 euros from the Treasury?  How to check the mobile

Do they grant you the aid of 200 euros from the Treasury? How to check the mobile

From February 15 to March 31, it was possible to request the help of 200 euros promoted by the Government in order to help buy food. Since then, there are many doubts about whether or not these aids have been granted. We must say that there are already people who have received it, while the rest are still waiting.

In this post we will tell you How can you check the status of your application? From the phone. We will also include the two procedures that exist, being one of them key to know if the aid has already left the Tax Agency destined for your bank account.

The general consultation form for the aid of 200 euros

It does not matter what status your application is in, since even if it has been rejected you will be able to find the information by following these steps:

Help 200 Euro 1

  • From your mobile browser, access the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency.
  • At the top you will find a search engine, in which you must write “Help 200”.
  • When the different search results open, go to the ‘Managements’ tab and choose the first option, called ‘NEW aid of 200 euros for low-income and low-net-worth individuals’.

Help 200 Euro 2

  • On the new page that opens, you will see a blue box called ‘Managements’ and you must click on the first one that appears, called ‘Query applications for the NEW aid of 200 euros submitted’.
  • Log in with your ID (you will need to have [email protected] PIN on your mobile) or through the digital certificate if you have it installed on your mobile.
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Treasury Help

  • In the box that now appears, activate the ‘Show requests in withdrawal status’ tab and click on ‘Search’.

Once this is done, you will see that information about the procedure will appear, although it is possible that it appears without any observation. This does not mean that it has been denied, but simply that it has not yet been reserved. If it had been reviewed and rejected, you would have been notified by notification and would appear on this very site.

If it is approved and the payment pending, it will appear following these steps

In these weeks we have verified how The Treasury website does not change its status when the aid has been grantedso there is an effective method so that, in the event that this is the case, you can see it reflected even when the payment was issued.

Help 200 Euro 4

  • As in the previous case, you must access the Tax Agency website.
  • Click on the icon at the top that appears with a blue background.
  • Click now on ‘My records’.

Help 200 Euro 5

  • Log in with your ID or digital certificate.
  • Select the ‘Act on your own behalf’ option and then ‘Confirm’.

Help 200 Euro 6

  • Go to the ‘All’ tab and look for a menu called ‘National Plan for Response to the Economic and Social Consequences of the Ukrainian War’. If so, expand it and then click on ‘NEW aid of 200 euros for low-income and low-income individuals’.

This section It will only be visible if the payment has already been issued. If none of this appears, don’t worry, your application is still pending review.

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We remember that Until June 30th everything is open, this being the deadline set by the Tax Agency to pay the aid to all applicants who meet the requirements. In any case, the consultation process will always be the same.

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