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Recently, automakers have begun to impose a “compound” on customers ordering a truck. But many logisticians doubt that a superstructure for an engine costing about 5,000 euros will make their tractor significantly more economical. The AvtoVzglyad portal studied why a turbo compound is needed at all, and also assessed the potential benefits of the device.

The turbo compound system is structured as follows. In addition to the conventional turbocharger, the diesel engine has an additional turbine. It is powered by hot exhaust gases, but transmits torque directly to the crankshaft.

Since the turbine spins up to 50,000-55,000 rpm, and the crankshaft up to 2,000, a multi-stage gear system is used to match the speed. In addition, the system includes a fluid coupling that compensates for the constant change in diesel engine speed.

Actually, due to such a complex device, a turbo compound is expensive – the very same 5,000 euros (430,000 rubles), but it gives fuel savings of up to 4%. And in real operation, a loaded road train will consume about 2-3 liters of diesel fuel less. How beneficial is it?

Underwater rocks? As you know, turbines fail more often than other components of a modern internal combustion engine, and the newfangled system, in addition, has a gear mechanism and a hydraulic clutch. So the new product must be protected by filling, at least, with high-quality diesel fuel and oil.

Although the main disadvantage is the high cost we have repeatedly mentioned, which is why even European buyers of new trucks rarely choose this option. The Russian public was offered a “compound” only last summer – this was done by Volvo.

It is curious that the Volvovites did not waste their time on trifles, but immediately rolled out the I-Save package for Kaluga-assembled tractors, which, in addition, included the “smart” cruise control I-See – it takes into account descents and ascents, guided by the GPS system.

Such a bundle gives 7% fuel economy, and when ordering other options – a high-speed rear axle, an aerodynamic package and an adjustable power steering pump – the diesel consumption can actually be reduced by 10% or so.

So, during intensive operation of a truck, it makes sense to overpay for such “excesses” – all this will pay off quickly enough. Especially when the car works on European routes, because as you know, diesel fuel is much more expensive in Europe …



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