Do not touch your meal phone: the funny challenge launched by this restaurant owner from Tarn to

The month of January is often synonymous with resolutions. Some people decide to play sports or to quit smoking, others take on the “Dry January” challenge, which consists of not drinking a drop of alcohol for a month. In Albi (Tarn), the manager of the restaurant “Samy’s diner” has also decided to launch a challenge to his customers. Adrien Martin, 28, had the idea of ​​“No phone January”, a month without a phone at the table.

“Once the customers are seated, we bring them a small empty basket. They are then invited to leave their cell phones there and not to touch it for the evening ”, explains the manager. He specifies that the phones are not “Confiscated” since the precious basket remains at the corner of the table until the end of the meal. This unprecedented operation in the Tarn was launched on the first weekend of January 2022. “A lot of people played the game, it worked really well. “

A reward for success

The boss specifies that the challenge is not an obligation for everyone. “About 5 to 10% of customers refuse to leave their phones in the basket. And they are often old people ”, says Adrien Martin. Those who let themselves be tempted and who succeed in the challenge are rewarded. “If a customer has not touched their meal phone, they are offered tea, coffee or a digestif. “

The operation is well received by the customers of “Samy’s diner”: “90% of them find this concept great. For some people, it is a real challenge to take up and they are very proud to have succeeded ”, assures the person in charge of the establishment which opened six years ago.

“Moments of life”

Adrien Martin imagined the challenge of “No phone January” there is little, as told recently La Dépêche du Midi. “I clicked one evening while walking around the restaurant. I found that 80% of customers were headlong and stuck in their phones. And it was not just for young people. I found that sad. ” With his concept, he wants above all that people enjoy the present moment. “These are moments of life. We must enjoy our meal, our surroundings. “

On the first floor of his restaurant, inspired by American “diners” from the 1950s, the merchant has installed a large games room with a vintage pinball machine and video games. “Children have less trouble picking up their phones because they have a place to have fun. “ By launching this operation, Adrien Martin assumes the fact of being “A bit against the grain. Today, many restaurants encourage their customers to share their dishes on social networks or allow them to order directly on their phone., he notes. I prefer to keep in touch with them from A to Z. “




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