Research has shown the presence of dietary deficiency in patients hospitalized for Covid-19.

In Belgium, scientists from the University of Ghent may have found something in common between all patients with severe forms of Covid-19. According to a study reported by Belgian media, all these patients suffer from a nutritional deficiency.

Almost all of the patients who ended up getting seriously ill or even dying in hospital had severe selenium and zinc deficiency in their blood on admission.“, warns the study after analyzing the blood of 138 patients.”We wanted to check the level of certain nutrients in the blood of patients. We knew from previous studies that people with deficiencies in certain nutrients are much more seriously affected by certain viral infections. We wanted to know if the same was true for Covid-19“, summarizes Professor Gijs Du Laing interviewed by the 7sur7 media.

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Selenium and zinc deficiency

Thus, seven out of ten patients suffer from a serious deficiency in selenium and zinc: “Patients who did not have this deficiency, or in whom it was less pronounced, more often survived Covid-19 and recovered more quickly. They fell much less seriously ill“According to the researchers, these deficiencies are even a more important risk factor than that of the presence of diabetes or obesity.

So, to limit the risks as much as possible, the researcher recommends more monitoring of the diet in establishments welcoming the elderly: “If you know that there are a lot of vulnerable people, special attention should be paid to selenium and zinc in the diet. (…) Currently, the elderly living in residential care centers mainly receive iron or vitamin D supplements in addition to their diet, while many also need selenium and zinc for the proper functioning of their system. immune“.

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