Djokovic no vax and more. Diet, health and psyche: a maniacal job

Novak Djokovic on the pitch it often looks like a machine, with few failures, capable of running on the field for hours, exhausting the opponent and, often, surprising him in comeback when he thinks he has won. When he plays tennis Nole has more lives, even when he looks knocked out he can always “resurrect”. But sometimes “no” days happen to him too, heavy defeats, and usually it is in those circumstances that he stops being a funny guy and becomes nervous and almost unbearable. The fact is that Djokovic is a true perfectionist and this leads him to always expect the best from himself, from those around him, but above all from his body, which is why he treats him maniacally, both from a physical and a spiritual point of view. Over the years, let’s see some fundamental steps to understand the “character” that is on everyone’s lips today, even for his “no vax” positions .




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