Dizzy ! The longest glass suspension bridge is in Vietnam

More than 632 meters long and perched 150 meters above the ground, it steals the title of the longest glass bridge in the world from a Chinese footbridge.

Not looking down is almost impossible. Inaugurated on April 29, 2022 in Vietnam, this suspended walkway offers tourists a dizzying experience: walking on glass 150 meters above a lush jungle. The Guinness World Record has just awarded it this May 30 the title of the longest glass bridge in the world according to CNN.

The tourist attraction baptized Bach Long, “white dragon” in Vietnamese and located in the province of Son La (northwest), winds along the wall of a mountain before ending in a suspension bridge which spans a valley spectacular, for a total length of 632 meters. Until now, the record was held by the suspension bridge in Guangdong, China, measuring 526 meters.

“At first, it makes you panic”

The glass panels used for the construction of the footbridge are of French manufacture. Nhac Nguyen / AFP

The base of the bridge is made of three layers of tempered glass, 4 centimeters thick each, of French manufacture. It can support up to 450 people at a time, while offering a panoramic view of the vegetation below. “At first it makes you panic, but after walking on a dozen glass panels, the feeling disappears”confided Tran Xuan Tinh, a visitor, during the inauguration.

Vietnamese authorities are seeking to attract tourists back to the country after a two-year lockdown due to Covid-19 prevented virtually all foreign travelers from visiting Vietnam. In mid-May, the communist country lifted all entry restrictions on its territory. Tourists from 13 countries, including France, are exempt from visas for stays of less than 15 days. Some health rules are still in force in certain areas of the country. Find the details on our interactive map and on France Diplomatie.

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