Dividends: good news for banks. Intesa Sanpaolo is top

In the wake of the progressive strengthening of the Ftse Mib, securities in the banking sector are also increasing their earnings, with even better performances than that of the reference index in some cases.

Positive banks on the Ftse Mib: only Banco BPM out of place

The only negative exception is that of Banco BPM which goes against the trend with a decrease of 0.56%, while Bper Banca and Mediobanca rise by 0.41% of 0.61%, but the two big companies are able to do even better. sector, Unicredit and Intesa Sanpaolo, with an advantage of 1.12% and 1.46% respectively,

The protagonists of the banking sector benefiting today from the bullish impulse of the Ftse Mib, but also of the signals coming from the bond front.

Banks supported by good Spread and BTP signals

The BTP-Bund Spread is slightly below par, with a fractional drop of 0.1% to 100.4 basis points as purchases support BTPs, so much so that the ten-year yield drops by 1.26% to 0.703%.

To keep the attention on bankers high are also the indications coming from various parts.

Banks: tomorrow meeting on loans granted by public guarantee

According to what was reported by Milano Finanza, tomorrow there will be a meeting in ABI between the main Italian banking entities, focused on the issue of monitoring loans granted through public guarantees (Guarantee Fund and Sace), which according to the latest data amount to 30 June at approximately 208 billion euros.

According to the newspaper, among the instruments under consideration there would be the creation of an ad hoc vehicle, managed by AMCO, in which the banks would merge their share of guaranteed loans, before a possible transition into default and the start of the procedure of enforcement of the public guarantee.

Equita SIM analysts, however, believe such a solution is unlikely, considering the size of the fund managed by AMCO.
This scenario would also imply the renunciation of credit management by individual banks.

Banks: BoE removes restriction on dividends. Now it’s up to the ECB

Meanwhile, yesterday, the Bank of England announced the lifting of restrictions on dividend payments by British banks.

Equita SIM experts see this indication as a further positive sign regarding the elimination of the dividend ban by the ECB after September 30, which is expected to be announced on July 23.

The removal of the dividend upon the distribution of dividends will be followed by assessments on an individual basis of the individual banks, also in relation to the results of the stress test, the results of which will be published on 30 July and the capital generation capacity of the banks themselves.

Intesa Sanpaolo: a winning choice and not just for the dividend

While awaiting the ECB’s verdict on the distribution of dividends, Intesa Sanpaolo remains under the lens.
The title is among those in the sector that will detach further coupons before the end of the year after the one already paid in May.

Barclays analysts, recommending a more selective approach now, indicate Intesa Sanpaolo as the preferred stock in the banking sector, confirming the “overweight” recommendation, with a target price of 2.8 euros, a value that implies an upside potential of more than 22% compared to the current prices on Piazza Affari.

Barclays highlights that Intesa Sanpaolo already boasts a tangible return on equity capable of outperforming its competitors.

The next business plan should also strengthen profitability even more and in the short and medium term Barclays sees good momentum, given that the bank led by Messina should benefit from the synergies linked to the recent acquisition of Ubi Banca, but also from long-term support. term from the dividend policy.

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