Disturbing TV Interview: Russian General Discusses Post-War Plans

Updated on 05/31/2022 at 12:56 p.m

  • Russian politician and Putin confidant Vladimir Shamanov spoke in a TV interview about Russia’s intentions during and after the war of aggression against Ukraine.
  • Accordingly, Russia is planning to put Ukrainian politicians and journalists before an international court.

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In a TV interview, Russian officer and politician Vladimir Shamanov spoke about Russia’s plans for the post-war period in Ukraine – and what would then happen to Ukrainian government officials and journalists. In the conversation, the deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma’s defense committee and a man close to Putin said he expected the “special operation,” as Russia calls the war of aggression against Ukraine, to last five to ten years. After that, Ukraine would “be left with nothing”.

The politician also speaks of an international court before which Ukrainian journalists and politicians would then be tried. Russia is already in discussion with China and other BRICS countries on the subject. In this context, Schamanow draws a comparison to the Nuremberg Trials, in which war criminals were brought before an international court after the Second World War.

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In the interview, the officer uses terms and narratives from Russian war propaganda: in addition to the term “special military operation,” there is also talk of false information from Ukraine, Ukrainian neo-Nazis, and “denazification.” The latter is often used by Kremlin officials as the alleged reason for the war of aggression against Ukraine. (tar)



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