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Johannes Lehner, Managing Director of the Burgenland Cattle Breeding Association, Carina Laschober-Luif, Member of the State Parliament, Beatrix Schütz, Chairwoman of the Cattle Breeding Association and President of the Chamber of Agriculture Nikolaus Berlakovich.

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Vhe cattle breeding day in Oberwart recently took place. There are currently 85 breeding farms in the country, but the number is declining.

Recently the day of cattle breeding took place in Oberwart. The Burgenland Cattle Breeding Association discussed current challenges there.

With two lectures on “What does heat stress do to our cows” and “Farm animal husbandry versus climate protection” breeders, cattle farmers and veterinarians were informed about hot topics. In the foreground, however, was a “status quo” analysis – and it turned out to be quite critical.

There are currently 85 breeding farms with around 3,600 cows in Burgenland, as was informed on the Cattle Breeding Day in Oberwart. However, the number is declining. The reasons for this are a number of conditions and a lack of price adjustments, according to Association Managing Director Johannes Lehner.

In the previous year, Burgenland lost six farms and 131 herd book cows, the forecasts show that a number of farms will give up cattle farming again in 2023, according to Lehner. However, one positive thing to mention at the meeting in Oberwart was that “despite everything, we have a degree of self-sufficiency of 40 percent for beef and 30 percent for milk and dairy products,” stated Niki Berlakovich, President of the Chamber of Agriculture.

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That definitely gives hope for the future. Perhaps these good figures will also provide motivation and the death of companies can be curbed. It would probably be all right for the association.

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