District heating shock! One shower costs 22 cents more – Vienna

From 1 September, Wien Energie will increase the prices for district heating. And this lack washed up! What are the specific costs you will incur?

Now even showers are getting more expensive! Due to the exploding gas prices, Wien Energie is significantly increasing the prices for district heating from September 1st! An average household faces additional costs of 45 euros – per month. And this applies not only to heating, but to hot water consumption itself. Jumping in the shower or taking a relaxing bath will have a bigger impact on your wallet in the future…

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As a district heating customer, you should know this now

How does the price increase affect me as a district heating customer? How much more will I have to pay? “Today”have the answers to the most pressing questions.

Who is affected by the increase?

All around 260,000 households that have a direct heat supply contract with Wien Energie. You will soon receive an information letter.

What exactly is increased?

The basic price will be 20 percent more expensive, the job price 180 percent more expensive.

Who pays how much more from 1 September?*

At a single household you come to about 25 euros additional cost per month.

A average household must reckon with an increase in total costs of 92 percent or 45 euros.

At a large apartment makes the increase about 58 euros.

What does this mean specifically?*

cost one five minute hot showerfor a district heating customer, currently around 47 cents, this amount will then rise to around 69 cents from 1 September.

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A full bath consumes about twice the amount of water (about 150 liters). Here the price rises from around 1.00 to 1.50 euros.

How can I save now?

1 degree less room temperature saves 6 percent heating energy, open the windows instead of opening the window, use an energy-saving shower head or faucet.

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(*according to calculations by Wien Energie for “Today”)

Opposition, AK – Strong criticism of price explosion

The increase became known on Monday evening and on Tuesday there was heavy criticism from all sides. In addition to the opposition, the Labor Chamber was also deeply concerned. The increase is “highly problematic”. “If district heating prices double, there is a risk that many households will slide into poverty. This must be prevented,” warns Renate Anderl, president of the Labor Chamber.

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