Disqualifications, a constitutional fraud – Analitica.com

Disqualifications, a constitutional fraud – Analitica.com

In the recent forum organized by Analítico.com, three prominent experts in constitutional law made it clear that the disqualifications imposed by the regime on political leaders who participate in the opposition primaries lack solid legal foundations. According to experts, these actions go against what is established in the National Constitution and other laws.

The irony of the situation is that the regime is violating the same Constitution that was promulgated during the Chávez government. The Venezuelan opposition is simply demanding that constitutional provisions be respected without promoting fictions or fraud. Rejecting the claim that those disqualified will not be able to run in the 2024 presidential elections is not playing with non-existent terms. Rather, it is a way of emphasizing that the opposition seeks a fair and democratic electoral process in which all candidates have the opportunity to compete on equal terms, without arbitrary discrimination.

Instead of playing with the nonexistent term “disqualification,” what they should say once and for all is that they will only accept as an electoral contender the one they consider they can defeat.

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