DISPUTE – What if Haiti continues?

Vinicio A. Castillo Semán

President Luis Abinader declared this week that if the Haitian government continues to build a canal that diverts the Massacre river, without waiting for the results of the technical table agreed by the RD-Haitian foreign ministries, his government will give forceful responses in defense of national sovereignty and protection. of the bordering border river.

All the reports out there indicate that Haiti is not going to stop. In that case, it is evident that the DR would have to adopt diplomatic measures to enforce the International Treaty of 1929, as well as send a clear signal to the government of Haiti that they are not going to put us on the spot and knock down the pulse with impunity.

The way forward, if this happens, must be to seize the international arbitration that provides for the same International Treaty signed with Haiti.

This treaty establishes the appointment of arbitrators for each country and these, in turn, choose a third of recognized arbitrators from the arbitral tribunal in The Hague.

I do not agree with going to the OAS and where Almagro, because they have demonstrated in RD-Haitian conflicts they are biased, and legally the Treaty outlines the way forward in arbitration.

But, in addition to international arbitration, it is clear that the DR cannot let Haiti connect the Masacre river and wait years for an arbitration decision. The government must propose to channel the Dajabón river before reaching Haiti. It is an extreme measure that I hope we should not take, but if Haiti forces us with its absurdity, we would have no alternative.

In what the arbitration decides, the waters of our border farmers must be guaranteed. Likewise, I call on President Abinader to reform members of the binational joint commission.

On the Dominican side, there are members who are not defending the national interest of the DR. It would be very beneficial for the country if the President could appoint Eng. Osiris de León at the technical table to save the Massacre and RD sovereignty.

The former director of Indrhi, friend Olgo Fernández, declared that both in the Leonel and Danilo governments, technical studies were carried out at the request of Haiti to channel the Massacre. On both occasions, the DR denied that request to Haiti.

This data is very important, because it indicates that there are already technical studies carried out that cannot now be varied by current incumbents to please Haiti.

What is at stake in this conflict with Haiti over the Massacre involves much more than protecting the river and our producers.

It is national sovereignty and national dignity that are at stake. Your firm defense is essential.

The people trust that President Abinader will fully fulfill that supreme mission.