Disney’s Percy Jackson Series: First Official Look at the Hero Trio!

++ Update from 18/08/2022: We just reported on set photos, so people are coming to us Disney also already received and published, appropriate for Percy Jacksons Birthday, the first official look at the heroic trio of Percy Jackson and the Olympicsso we can include it here for you too:

++ Update from 17/08/2022: It didn’t take long for the first set of photos from the shooting to emerge Percy Jackson and the Olympics on. The central trinity can be seen in the streets. There’s also a video, so we’ll leave you the link.

By the way, writer Rick Riordan is extremely pleased with the cast. In his recent blog post he writes this Walker Scobell, Leah Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri the characters are really alive and it’s hard for him to think of the characters without seeing the three stars of the new series.

++ News from 26/07/2022: Percy Jackson’s return may take a while. The shooting too Percy Jackson and the Olympics been running for a little over a month, but the jump to streaming isn’t working that fast. In any case, author and Percy Jackson creator Rick Riordan gives little hope for an early adventure in the Greek world of gods.

In theory, he originally adopted it Percy Jackson and the Olympics Could premiere in 2023, Riordan said in a blog post. However, there are a number of factors that can cause it Percy Jackson and the Olympics will not begin until next year and one of these factors is that the filming of Season 1 is expected to last until December 2022 or January 2023. In addition, the author goes on to say, the post-production also takes a lot of time and – and this factor is perhaps the most important – must Disney find a start date on which Percy Jackson and the Olympics do not compete directly with other (major) series on the platform.

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Of course, imagine Percy Jackson and the Olympics start in direct competition Loki Season 2 or something like that. Presumably his divine existence doesn’t help the good Percy much either.

Riordan also writes that everything is currently going according to plan, although of course there is still a lot of work ahead for everyone involved. By the way, the film was shot with a mixture of practical sets, blue screen and the StageCraft– Technology of Star Wars – The Mandalorianas the author has now officially confirmed, who has only good things to say about his time on the set of Percy Jackson and the Olympics had to say



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