Disney+: New additions for National Treasure and Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson and the Olympians can look forward to two newcomers. Dior Goodjohn (Head of the Class) and Charlie Bushnell (Diary of a future President) have joined the cast of Disney+series and will be seen in recurring roles. This was also announced directly, without making a big secret of it for long. Goodjohn will appear as Clarisse La Rue and Bushnell will play Luke Castellan.

In addition, reported Deadlinethat one with Olivea Morton (And Yet They Speak) also gave the part to Nancy Bobofit. We will only see you in a guest role.

New addition to the “National Treasure” series

And also with this one Disney+series is progressing. With Jacob Vargas (Mr Iglesias) you hire another actor and he will – according to the preliminary description – take on a recurring role.

In his case, too, one is not stingy with initial information about the character. Vargas will play Rafael, a gritty treasure-hunting adventurer with a great sense of humor.

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