Dismay at burial of young woman crushed by wall


In an atmosphere of consternation, family and friends said their last goodbye to Cora Maribel Carrasco (22), who was crushed to death on Monday afternoon when part of a wall of blocks of a construction fell to her in the Paulino Valladares avenue of El Tamarindo neighborhood of Choluteca.

The young woman was almost nine months pregnant, her baby died.

The relatives commented that Cora was the one who cared for the father, who is 86 years old, so they demand that they help him, since he cannot work due to his advanced age. Yesterday, representatives of the company that is carrying out the construction where a winery is going to operate promised to compensate the relatives.

What they promise is that a house will be built for the victim’s father with an approximate value of 250,000 lempiras. The mother will be given L150,000 in cash, 25,000 lempiras for funeral expenses, 50,000 lempiras to the husband and eight siblings 10,000 lempiras each.

However, that offer had not been accepted, so Casta Ayala, the family’s legal representative, would be requesting compensation of some five million lempiras.


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