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The quarterback of the SeahawksRussell Wilson has never missed a game in the NFL, but post-game comments from the team indicate that their starting quarterback will miss a few games. Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said the injury was a sprained finger, but did not say when he could return.

“This was an important night because Russell couldn’t finish the game,” Carroll said in his post-match press conference. “He has a sprained finger that we have to analyze. Studies must be done to define the severity of the injury. Russell is one of the fastest recovering players, and will do his best to get back as soon as possible. On the other hand, Geno [Smith] he did a very good job. Did what he had to do. We were able to do everything with him on the field of play. He gave the team orders perfectly.

The first bad sign was the inability to play injured after attempting a pass with his injured finger. Wilson has always been able to play while injured, but this time he may be out. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported that the Seahawks believe Wilson is dealing with a “hammer toe” and plan to see a hand specialist.

“Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will have an MRI scan, according to some sources, and then consult with hand specialist Dr. Steven Shin of Kerlan-Jobe Hospital in Los Angeles.” Rapoport tweeted October 8. He is believed to have a hammer toe, which is essentially a sprained joint that makes it difficult to flex a finger. “

Wilson had surgery on his finger and it is estimated that he will only be able to return in six weeks, according to Rapoport.

“Russell Wilson had surgery today on his injured finger, said a source, a procedure that would put him out of action for several weeks.” Dr. Steven Shin was in charge of the operation. He stabilized his finger with screws ”, mentioned Rapoport on Twitter. “The operation was more complicated than expected. The need to add screws complicated the situation. He is expected to play again in about six weeks, although Wilson will surely do his best to come back sooner. “

Carroll on Smith: ‘We are in good hands’

Carroll indicated that there is no exact date for his return. He said Wilson will have X-rays and other studies done to determine the severity of the injury. The Seahawks coach hinted that Wilson might be out for a while and praised Smith’s ability to run the offense in his absence.

“After the game I said to Geno, ‘You know you’ve been waiting a long time for an opportunity and your faith in our program is what has made you stay with us,” Carroll explained. “And it gave me a lot of pride when he came in to play and how well he did. It looked great as he’s been working on it.

“He is a talented player. Get to know our system. If Geno is going to play for a while while Russell recovers, then he has shown us that we are in good hands. And I’m proud that he played well and that he decided to stay with us because he believed in our program. And when he got his chance, he played well. I loved it”.

Wilson’s finger has very little mobility

ESPN’s Jordan Schultz reported that Wilson’s finger is in “very bad shape” with “very little” mobility. Wilson’s availability for week six against the Steelers and beyond is highly questionable.

“I have been told that Russell Wilson’s finger is in ‘very bad condition / in a lot of pain’”, Schultz tweeted. “’Very limited’ mobility. As for week six (at Pittsburgh) Russ – who has never missed a game – will have a few more days to heal. You will have more time to rest. In other words, he won’t be able to shoot the ball for a while. “

Rapoport described Carroll’s postgame comments as “ominous,” noting that the Seahawks coach refused to rule out the possibility of an operation. The only good news for the Seahawks is that they have a few more days to rest before their Sunday Night game against the Steelers on October 17.


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