Discount on electricity bills! Electricity tariff changed, VAT reduced to 8 percent

President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that 18 percent VAT on electricity bills has been reduced to 8 percent. How much will the electricity bills coming to the houses decrease with the VAT discount? Here is the new electricity bill account, pencil by pencil…


President Erdoğan announced that after the Cabinet meeting, the consumption limit for electricity bills will be increased from 210 kilowatt-hours to 240 kilowatt-hours per month for the transition from low tariff to high tariff.
Thus, all of the average monthly electricity consumption of the households entered the low-level tariff. In addition, it was announced that VAT was reduced from 18 percent to 8 percent in electricity consumption for agricultural irrigation and residences.

Afterwards, EMRA also announced that the low tariff limit was reduced from 1.37 to 1.26 TL. When the low tariff limit was increased from 150 to 210 kilowatt-hours in January, the 30-day bill decreased by 42 TL from 370 lira to 328 lira.

The average bill will drop to 295 liras
By increasing the low tariff limit to 240 kilowatt-hours, the bill for an average consumption of 230 kilowatt-hours will decrease from a unit price of 1.26 TL to 295 TL.
However, this time, VAT will be reduced to 8 percent, so the invoice will fall below this figure.

A further 25 TL discount will come with the VAT discount
VAT discount is calculated over the unit price, excluding additional invoice costs of TL 1.124. This means a VAT reduction of approximately 25 TL in consumption of 230 kilowatt-hours. Considering the VAT discount, the monthly invoice will be reduced to approximately 270 TL.

The bill, which was 370 TL on January 1, decreased to 80 TL.
Since January 1, when the gradual system in electricity was introduced, the bill has been reduced from 370 lira to 80 lira with limit and tax supports, but it is above the December bill before the new system was introduced. In December, when the level was not applied, the bill for 230 kilowatt-hours consumption was 220 TL, 70 TL below the last point of the bill.

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Everything changed with the gradual electricity bill!
The Energy Market Regulatory Authority announced that in the gradual price tariff introduced as of January 1, consumptions up to 150 kWh in households would be billed at 1.37 TL per kilowatt-hour, including taxes, and the unit price to be applied for each kilowatt-hour consumption above that would be 2.06 TL.

With the last change, the unit tariff for up to 240 kilowatt-hours was reduced to 1.26 TL and above it to 1.89 TL. In January, the limit was increased from 150 to 210 kilowatt-hours.



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