Interdiscount heralds the Black Friday week with a promotion for the Half-Fare travelcard. Young and adult new customers get a 50 percent discount on the subscription price.

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At the start of the Black Friday week, the Half-Fare travelcard is available at half price.

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The Interdiscount promotion starts on Monday at 9 a.m. and applies to new Half-Fare customers.

The Interdiscount promotion starts on Monday at 9 a.m. and applies to new Half-Fare customers.


The subscriptions are available as rail checks in the branches and in the electronics retailer's online shop.

The subscriptions are available as rail checks in the branches and in the electronics retailer’s online shop.

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  • Interdiscount is offering a new discount campaign on Black Friday.

  • From Monday at 9 a.m. the Half-Fare travelcard is available at half price.

  • The offer is only valid for new Half-Fare customers.

Black Friday isn’t until November 26th. Many retailers have already started the discount battle. Now Interdiscount is also getting involved. In cooperation with SBB, the Coop subsidiary will be offering the Half-Fare travelcard at half price from Monday at 9 a.m., as it writes in a message. It costs 60 francs for young people and 92.50 francs for adults.

Customers can buy the Rail-Check for the Half-Fare travelcard in the branches and in the Interdiscount online shop. You then have to redeem it at a serviced public transport point of sale. However, the offer is only aimed at new Halbtax customers, says a spokeswoman on request.

A new customer is anyone who does not have a valid Half-Fare travelcard (22.11.-18.12.2021) on the first day of validity of the “Half-Fare Card at half price”.

The discount battle is likely to be hectic for the employees. For the rush, Interdiscount hires additional staff in logistics and sales. Experts should ensure that the online shop remains stable and that the offers are constantly updated. On Black Friday, employees receive free hooked items with Hörnli as well as hoodies and shirts in Black Friday style from Interdiscount.

When Interdiscount carried out the campaign for the first time in 2017, there was a rush in the online shop and in the branches. Several thousand subscriptions have been sold. Thousands of subscriptions are available again this year, Interdiscount does not publish exact numbers.

Who pays for the promotion?

It is also unclear whether the electronics retailer will put money on it for the campaign. You don’t want to reveal details. “If the SBB finances such extraordinary actions with tax money, it is incomprehensible,” says FDP National Councilor Marcel Dobler on request. Because half of the costs of public transport, and thus the ticket prices, are always financed with taxpayers’ money.

“When you buy a ticket, the federal government always pays half. That is why I would find the campaign difficult if we all had to pay for it with our taxes, ”says Dobler when asked. Since it is about a single action, he sees no need for action. “But it is definitely problematic,” says Dobler.

If you ask, SBB will refer you to the public transport industry organization Alliance Swisspass. There media spokesman Thomas Ammann says that the parties cannot comment on the financing because of a confidentiality agreement.

But he points to the added value of the campaign. “In the Interdiscount half-fare campaign four years ago, there was a high percentage of new customers who subsequently extended their subscription,” says Ammann.

The campaign generates additional sales by gaining new regular customers. “Overall, the campaign benefits public transport and thus also relieves the public sector,” says the Alliance Swisspass spokesman.

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