The Rythm music bot is set to shut down on September 15, following a complaint from Google’s video platform.

The instant messaging and VoIP Discord app is popular with gamers.


After Groovy two weeks ago, another active service on Discord is paying the price for YouTube. Rythm, the most popular of the music bots, is the latest victim to date in the video platform’s fight against services that allow free music to be broadcast via YouTube in the various communication rooms of the servers of the discord service popular with gamers. The developers of Rythm have indeed announced its closure on September 15 after receiving a formal notice from YouTube.

Launched 5 years ago by its founder ImBursting as “a small project” for him and his friends, Rythm has grown that has exceeded its expectations, explains the team behind the bot. It is now installed on some 20 million Discord servers and used by more than 560 million people. Through their press release, its developers make it clear that they were expecting a backlash since they have been working on another project for a year: “Even if our current service stops, we are not going. nowhere. We’ve spent the last year working on something brand new in music that will revolutionize the way we all listen to music, ”Rythm developers say without saying more about the upcoming product. “Stay tuned, this is not the end,” promises Rythm, which promises to reimburse users who have subscribed to its premium paid offer.


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