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Ever Lopez, a senior at Asheboro High School in North Carolina decided to pick up his graduation diploma at the ceremony with a Mexican flag on his back, without imagining that this simple action would prevent him from obtaining his recognition by order of the director from school, Penny Crooks.

In a video you TikTok, Adolfo Hurtado – cousin of Ever – recorded the moment in which the student arrives with the authorities to receive his diploma and although at first it seems that the flag will be removed, It was the audience who urged him not to do it, so he decided to keep going while receiving a wave of applause from those present.

“They want (Ever) to apologize, obviously not going to do that“Hurtado himself said in another video, who also assured that his cousin did not obtain his diploma, although after the ceremony the school awarded him another recognition.

The uproar of what happened was such that the institution issued a statement in which, far from apologizing, they justified what happened by stating that everything had been misrepresented on social networks since the problem it had not been the Mexican emblem as suchRather, the dress code for these ceremonies had been omitted because flags of any kind are not allowed.

“There are many comments from people who were not present at the event, along with those of others who don’t have all the facts “says the statement.

In addition to organizing a protest on the school premises, a petition on Change.org has gathered more than 20,000 signatures requesting that López can receive the diploma that corresponds to him as a graduate student.

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