Diplo turned away from an evening he was to host

PublishedMay 31, 2022, 2:06 p.m.

The American DJ had all the difficulty in the world getting on a yacht on which he was expected to mix. The sequence makes the buzz.

Diplo has a sense of humor. He proves it once again by sharing a video on Instagram where he is not really looking his best. The turntable star, who surprised everyone by playing at an amateur beach partywas simply not recognized by security around a yacht on which he was supposed to perform.

“I was hired to perform at a party on a yacht in Cannes. But security wouldn’t let me in,” Diplo posted. On the images, we see a woman trying to explain that he is indeed the DJ hired to animate the evening. In vain. An agent then “pretends”, in the words of the 43-year-old American, to check the list of guests on which he was obviously not registered. “Besides, the boat was empty. I almost gave up to go eat,” added the producer of “Lean On”, more than 1.6 billion plays on Spotify alone. The owner of the boat, seeing the mayhem on the quay, ended up intervening. He got off the yacht and explained with a smile that Diplo could pass. “Let him in,” he said repeatedly. “Next time, I’ll add myself to the guest list,” Diplo quipped again. who was charged with sexual assault.

This is not the first time that Thomas Wesley Pentz has had trouble with security teams. Mid-May 2022, he had been turned away from the Billboard Music Awards. He had arrived there three hours late and the security guards outside the building, not recognizing him, had refused him access.



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