Digest: The Hague will announce the decision on the appeal of Mladic, in Peru, presidential candidates go head to head

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Pedro Castillo or Keiko Fujimori? Counting of votes continues

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In Peru, after processing more than 96% of the ballots, it is still unclear who won the presidential elections, the candidates – political old-timer Keiko Fujimori and newcomer to politics Pedro Castillo – go head to head. Immediately after the end of the voting the day before, the daughter of the ex-President of Peru, Keiko Fujimori, took the lead. Now her opponent from the left party Pedro Castillo is in the lead with a minimal advantage.

Castillo, a village teacher and union leader, is popular with Peruvians in the country’s remote rural areas. But Fujimori still has a chance to win back thanks to the not yet counted votes of Peruvians abroad. The conservative right-wing candidate, People’s Power, has already reported possible violations and “signs of fraud,” however, without providing evidence.

Castillo, a candidate from the radical left-wing Marxist party Free Peru, promised in his election program to nationalize key sectors of the economy and raise taxes. Fujimori tried to present him to her supporters as a person capable of transforming Peru into a new Venezuela or North Korea.

Castillo, speaking about his opponent, never tired of reminding his supporters of the history of the Fujimori family and a series of corruption scandals associated with it.

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