Different types of headaches indicate what’s wrong with your health

Headache, indicates how healthy you are: the various types of ailments usually referred to by this term and what they might mean.

Generally, with the expression ‘headache’ we indicate a series of disorders that affect our head and can be associated with various factors, from less serious (perhaps eyestrain or stress) to more serious.

Headaches and health, the various types of annoyances (photo: Pixabay).

But what are the various types of pain that we call headaches and what could they mean for our health condition? Here you are some summary information, which in no way replaces the medical consultation.

Headache, indicates how healthy you are: the various ailments

According to the classification made by the International Headache Society, there are different types of headache and migraine, which are precisely recognized and identified based on the symptoms.

First of all, we can underline the first distinction between primary headaches and secondary headaches; in the first case, we have no specific causes or diseases that caused them, while for the secondary ones we have specific causes such as a sore tooth, for example, or a tumor.

A further distinction is then present in primary headaches, where there are l‘migraine, tension headache, cluster headache and other various headaches. As for migraine, it is a recurrent disorder that can last from 4 to 72 hours and has as symptoms pain on one side of the throbbing type, discomfort from sounds and lights and even nausea or vomiting.

headache health
The various types of headaches (photo: Pixabay).

To try to cure the various forms of headache it is essential to understand the causes; if there are other pathologies it is necessary to intervene with a specific medical treatment for the cause, while when it is the headache itself that is a disease we can implement different remedies, starting with the common anti-inflammatories over the counter in the case of simple headache.

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Aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol they are the molecules most used to deal with the most common and transient headache, but in the case of recurrent and intense pain it is good to go to your doctor for more in-depth checks.



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