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Disinfectant residues in this dietary supplement

The Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety and a manufacturer of dietary supplements are informing about a recall. Residues of the disinfectant ethylene oxide were detected in the affected products. The chemical is considered to be carcinogenic and mutagenic. In the EU, ethylene oxide may not be used if it comes into contact with food.

The company QIDOSHA is recalling the product “IN-SHAPE” with the batch numbers 201200176 and 201200177 as well as the best before date 12/2022. The products can be contaminated with ethylene oxide and should no longer be used.

Product image IN-SHAPE from Qidosha GmbH
This food supplement with the batch numbers 201200176 and 201200177 as well as the best before date 12/2022 is being recalled. Refill bags from these lots are also affected by the recall. (Image: Qidosha GmbH)

Raw material contaminated with carcinogenic substances

As the manufacturer reports, a raw material supplier has found a reduction due to ethylene oxide as part of its own controls. It is the raw material Garcinia Cambogia extract, which is contained in the product “IN-SHAPE”. According to the manufacturer, analyzes have shown that the raw material “Garcinia Cambogia Extract” contains 77 milligrams of 2-chloroethanol, 0.98 milligrams of free ethylene oxide and 43 milligrams of ethylene oxide per kilogram.

The above-mentioned substances are classified as unsafe according to Article 14 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002. “Consumption can lead to health problems,” warns the manufacturer.

When and where were the dietary supplements sold?

The batches affected comprise a total of 294 jars and 200 refill bags of the dietary supplement. According to the manufacturer, these products were sold in the QIDOSHA webshop and on Amazon in the period from January to April 2021.

Where can the dietary supplements be exchanged?

According to the manufacturer, anyone who has bought the above-mentioned items should contact [email protected] According to its own statement, the manufacturer then initiates a free subsequent delivery. (vb)

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Author and source information

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Diploma-Editor (FH) Volker Blasek


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