Since the outbreak of the scandal known as the “dieselgate”, Volkswagen has had to face multiple legal actions.

Volkswagen has paid some $ 9.5 billion since 2016 to American motorists deceived by devices installed by the two German manufacturers to bypass anti-pollution standards, the federal consumer protection authority said on Monday.

This international scandal – known as the “dieselgate” – tarnished Volkswagen’s image for a long time. In this scandal, revealed in September 2015, Volkswagen admitted to having rigged 11 million vehicles in the world with software capable of making them appear less polluting during laboratory tests than on the roads.

“Fully refunded”

“When the owners of vehicles of the VW or Porsche brand, a subsidiary of the Wolfsburg manufacturer, were given a choice whether they wanted to return their vehicle or have it brought up to standard, more than 86% of those who went to the end of the process preferred to return their car, “said the Federal Trade Commission in its final report on what it calls” the largest consumer reimbursement program in US history. ” And to add that the most important is that “consumers have been fully reimbursed”.

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Since the scandal broke, Volkswagen has had to face multiple legal, criminal and civil actions. One of the last major trials expected in Germany is that of former Audi boss Rupert Stadler, who is due to appear from September 30.

The total bill for the scandal for Volkswagen is expected to exceed 30 billion euros (about 35 billion dollars), including the 9.5 billion already disbursed in the United States to compensate customers.