Diego Leuco revealed the reason why he left Telenoche

The journalist spoke about his departure from the ElTrece newscast after 4 years at the head of its leadership and advanced his new projects.

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Although since February 2021,Diego Leuco became the main conductor of telenoche besideLuciana Geuna, It was almost 4 years ago that the journalist was in charge of the cycle of The thirteen. That was how he created a driving duo with Maria Laura Santillanfor the first time on television.

Diego began in graphic journalism, in political and current affairs magazines, until he was presented with the opportunity to host the emblematic news program in central time, at 8:00 p.m. However, for a few days the information about his departure from the program circulated , until finally it was Leuco himself who confirmed it.

in dialogue with intruders(America), the journalist granted an interview to discuss the subject. From Mar del Plata, Diego attended the delivery of the Martín Fierro Awards for Native Digital Communicationwhere he was nominated for his programBefore anyoneinLuzu TV and finally took the statuette.

“It was a very difficult decision. I am still linked to the channel and I have a spectacular relationship with the news part, with Adrian Suar, con Pablo Codevilla and I am available for things to happen as they have to happen. Everyone already knew that I was going to go to a more entertaining place”, said the driver with a much more relaxed look, without a tie.

Leuco clarified that his intention is to leave political journalism to dedicate himself to his production company and entertainment. “We have talked about it… Those who knew me knew that this was going to happen. No one is surprised by the people who know me. They understood it great, the best… that’s why I say I’m available, I’m not going anywhere, I just have a little more time to produce more,” added the son ofAlfredo Leuco.

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As for abandoning political journalism issues, the journalist highlighted: “I was always clear that I liked entertainment more and speaking from another place. I knew that at some point it would arrive, sooner or later. It came with this opportunity from Luzu and I deepened it. And I want to continue deepening it”.

Later, he emphasized his new projects for the coming year. “I have a production company and I want to put more time into it. I did not have much time. It is a beautiful year with many projects. Hopefully we will continue forward ”, assured Leuco about the new professional activities that he plans for 2023.

The boyfriend of Sofia Martinezthe journalist who stood out in the coverage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup when she gave a very heartfelt interview to Lionel Messi, He also spoke about his employment relationship with María Laura Santillán. “I had a very good experience. We have different styles, but always the best. She received me very well. You have to adapt to driving in pairs, it’s difficult. But I always had a barbaric relationship.”

Days ago, the driver had expressed himself in LAM (America)and had toldAngel De Brito: “Personally, politics did not give me satisfaction. Luckily we had an audience, we were doing super well. On a commercial level, the program also worked very well. But one day I told my partner that we were leaving, and he asked me: “How are we leaving? If it goes well for us ”. And I told him that it no longer gave me satisfaction. My dad (alfredo leuco), ions (Avenue), which makes it spectacular, they have that passion and that drive. I don’t have the motor, and if I don’t have the passion I can’t do it. This is very transparent: it is very noticeable if you are not in the mood, happy, enthusiastic. It seems to me a very toxic environment where I feel that there are fewer and fewer positive things to rescue. And it seemed to me that as a communicator there were other places where I was going to be more fulfilled, but when I made the decision I had no idea what they were”.

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