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Diego Boneta was involved in controversy during the recording of Luis Miguel: the series. And it is that on the one hand They criticized him for representing the singer ‘El Sol’ who in his story tried to justify himself in various aspects and on the other hand, for supposedly hitting one of his scene partners for real: Martin Bello. What happened to this last event? Although Diego Boneta denied what happened, the truth is Martín Bello gave something to talk about again, well apparently He could be “paralyzed” by the attacks committed in one of Luis Miguel’s sets: the series.

Martín Bello’s lawyer – who gave life to Tío Tito in ‘Luis Miguel: the series’ – revealed that his client’s case is progressing. However, he assured that his client continues with severe health problems.

According to what was revealed by Ignacio Trimarco, Martín Bello’s legal representative, he is awaiting further medical studies; In addition, they hope that he can undergo a surgical procedure, since presumably the injuries left by Diego Boneta could leave him “paralyzed.”

“It is currently difficult to determine that amount, which is the amount of compensation that corresponds to any person who is injured while working, because it is awaiting the result of this medical study that will determine the surgical operation to which Martín must undergo, and a Once you undergo this intervention, we have to see how it turns out and how your health looks “, said in an interview for the program ‘De Primera Mano’.

From there it will be possible to effectively determine the extent of this injury and based on that we can determine the amount. Martín has the possibility of even being paralyzed because the injury he has is very serious ”, revealed the lawyer Trimarco.

In this sense, he said that the surgery will take place from the chest to the cervical area. That is to say it is a risky process for your client. Therefore, he assured that the blows that Boneta gave his client were not in the script.

Until now Diego Boneta has not spoken about these new statements.

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