Diederik Gommers has to apologize for everything

Last update 17:02

Mark Rutte and Hugo de Jonge have apologized, Ferd Grapperhaus regrets his mouth cap song to the melody of ‘Red Riding Hood’. That was not the case for pressure maker Marcel van Roosmalen. “You don’t have to apologize for ignorance. We should say sorry: sorry that we pushed you into an executive role. You, like us, know nothing.”

By the way, who should also apologize is Diederik Gommers, who recently announced that he no longer wanted to be publicized. “I get goosebumps from that voice, those unctuous warnings. Diederik Gommers is spooning down seven liters of quark every morning. It makes you sad. I want an apology, also from your wife by the way. Just: sorry for everything. With that bigot. Sorry, I promised I wouldn’t get involved, but I’m addicted to attention.”

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