“Die Mexicans”: the message they wrote to an immigrant family in Georgia | Univision News United States

But this is not an isolated event. Rogelio Alvarado, son-in-law of the owner of the house located in the city of Conyers, about 42 miles southeast of Atlanta, assures that for a long time the family has suffered permanent harassment by hostile neighbors and that they have also killed three of their dogs; In addition, it affirms that a group of people also drives away the contractors to prevent them from finishing the construction and moving.

“That is a lot of hatred in your heart for you to go out and do this, it is just cowardice,” Alvarado told CBS46, partner of News 34 Atlanta.

Carolina Oliva, a family member, expresses that apart from sadness they feel “very afraid of what is happening to us, just for being Latino.” He added that once they finish the construction of the house they will put it up for sale.

“Our plan now is to finish the house and sell it as soon as possible. We are no longer going to live there, we no longer have plans to return there, nothing anymore,” Oliva told the Efe agency, adding that he has also had all kinds of problems. with permits for the work, which disappear in a mysterious way.

Anti-immigrant environment in the city

Oliva attributes the incident to the anti-immigrant environment that exists in the community. Remember that once they “shot a ‘camper’ (trailer) that we have there and we talked to the police and they told us that they could not make a report because there was no death and then they killed my dog ​​with a bullet and I did not want to or report it. “

“The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office does not tolerate hatred directed at any member of our community and is working diligently to identify the suspect or suspects responsible for this criminal act,” police said in a statement cited by local Univision Noticias. .

Alvarado said he has a message for his neighbors: “You don’t have to bring mobs, you don’t need to curse us. We are here minding our own business. We hope you do the same ” .

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