Didier Raoult has struck again

A new controversial order. In a video published this Friday, August 3 on the YouTube channel of the IHU in Marseille, Professor Didier Raoult questioned the reason why we did not test “ molecules that have activity against this virus, which cost nothing and are harmlesss ».

« Is the paraffin in the nose, Vaseline in the nose… Or I don’t know, the Vicks… Does it prevent virus contamination in the nose or not? Who knows that? “, He then clarified in this video of seventeen minutes.

This new health recommendation provoked an outcry… on the side of the brand. “” As mentioned on the label, VapoRub […] must not be used under or in the nose, in the mouth or ingested ”, recalled the brand on its Twitter account. And to add: ” An oil-based product can enter the lungs if misused. »

A warning that certainly resonates with the recommendations shared by the French Language Pneumology Society on January 31, 2020. ” A few detailed observations of adverse effects linked to the application of Vicks Vapurub ointment have been published, including lipid pneumonia after applications to the nose, even without intranasal application, over a long period ”, writes the company which quotes in particular ” convulsions “Or” depigmentation spots on the face ».

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