Did you know the story of the hot scene with the Shahroura Sabah, because of which Nightingale Abdel Halim Hafez ran home and took a shower?

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Since ancient times, the late artist Abdel Halim Hafez was famous as the person who was most unable to swim and believed in the proverb that water belie a diver, so he had old problems between him and the water since his childhood.

Here we attach to you the misfortune of Abdel Halim Hafez, whose scene required him to jump into the water in order to save his girlfriend from drowning, specifically in the movie “Street of Love”

, in a scene in which the actress Sabah who jumps into the water to commit suicide, as it comes from the script of the movie.

Director Ezz El-Din Zulfiqar asked Nightingale to stand on a tree and from it jump to the Nile, and the latter tried to persuade him to abandon this scene or use an alternative to it, but he did not agree and insisted on presenting Halim for the scene.

When Halim decided to jump into the water, he felt how filthy it was, which made him alienate and shivered for fear of contracting schistosomiasis, which he had suffered from since childhood.

The artist, Sabah, went to the water while she was also indignant, and kept screaming and saying: “I am wrong because I work in one of your films, it was my money and the money of this calamity.”

It caused Halim to laugh because of her words and tried to downplay her, stressing that his misfortune is greater than hers because he is sick with schistosomiasis, and that this water may activate the germs in his body.

After filming the scene, Halim hurriedly returned to his home, and made sure to shower with a large amount of hot water. Despite that, his fear did not go away, so he brought two bottles of red wine, and poured them on his body, believing that alcohol kills germs.

His brother Ismail then brought three bottles of cologne to carry out the “purification” process, and he used them for a successive period on this matter, twice per day, after which he swore to learn to swim even when the director asked him to jump into the water. He jumped into a clean swimming pool in order to Avoids complications of schistosomiasis.




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