Did you know that COVID19 vaccines can trigger a type of hepatitis called immune-mediated hepatitis that requires long-term immunosuppression?

“Liver damage was observed after both mRNA- and vector-based vaccines, while the time from vaccine administration to symptom onset ranged from 4 days after the first dose to 6 weeks after the second dose… Our analysis underscores that activated cytotoxic CD8 -T cells, including vaccine-induced peak-specific CD8 T cells, could contribute to the pathogenesis of the disease… In conclusion, BNTb163b2 vaccine can induce immune-mediated hepatitis via mechanisms associated with vaccine-induced cellular immunity… At Patients with hepatitis that occur after the first dose of the vaccine, additional doses can induce significant hepatic autoimmunity and require long-term immunosuppression.

Those: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/35461912



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