Did you imagine how rich the late artist Shaaban Abdel Rahim is?? A shocking number that will drive you crazy and you will not be able to predict it!

Amid the state of sadness that afflicts the audience after the departure of any of the movie stars and celebrities who have always made them happy with their artwork, whether in the cinema or on television, many are surprised that there are family and public disputes between the family of the late artist about the inheritance or property left by the star after his departure.

Adawiya Shaaban Abdel Rahim revealed the details of the quarrel between his two brothers, Abdel Rahim and Essam, over their dispute over inheritance, noting that his brother Abdel Rahim always quarrels with them because of this matter, stressing that the rest of his brothers did not get anything from the inheritance, because most of it was real estate and land that was not sold.

Adawiya Shaaban Abdel Rahim spoke about the quarrel of his brothers, in a special statement to Cairo 24, where he said: My father gave us real estate and lands that are still separated, and no one took anything, and my brother Abdel Rahim is in a hurry over the inheritance, and he went to his older brother Essam and suffocated with him in his apartment.

The quarrel of my son Shaaban Abdel Rahim over the inheritance

The names of the two sons of Shaaban Abdel Rahim had spread after Abdel Rahim’s quarrel with his brother Essam over the inheritance, where Essam went to his brother in his house and quarreled with him in front of everyone, and insulted him with some inappropriate insults, which made Essam’s wife interfere in the matter, and another quarrel occurred between them.

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Adawiya Shaaban Abdel Rahim confirmed that his brother Abdel Rahim from the time of their father’s death, a change in his treatment of his brothers, and he always disputes and quarrels with them, noting that at first they wanted to be a band that complements their father’s artistic career, but because of this dispute the matter stopped. .

For his part, Adawiya explained that until now, none of his brothers received money from this inheritance left to them by their father, because they did not agree on one opinion and differed all the time.

The Egyptian popular singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim died in early December 2019 at the age of 62 after a struggle with illness.



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